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Tips to improve your focus and concentration

I know for some of us it’s a struggle concentrating on our studies for hours straight and normally we end up humming a song in just a few minutes. Its normal for us to get distracted from our studies. Some of us do not have a good concentration power whereas some do not have friends who can’t stop bugging them or some do not have a study environment at their homes (that’s my house). So I decided to share some of my tips which I have been using since a long time to concentrate on my long study routines.

I don’t really measure the time I spend on studying because once I am concentrated I can go on like that for several hours. But to stop your mind from running away you need –

  1. A quiet place – If you can manage to have one. Well I don’t have at home so sometimes I take my stuff in my balcony and study there. In order to make your mind concentrate you need a place with pin-drop silence. Ensure TV is not on or it’s sound cannot reach you. Shut the door and before that keep your mobile miles away from you.Tell everybody not to disturb you if you can. If you have enough money and you are living at a noisy place then use your balcony and build one.
  2. Keep a pen and paper by your side – That’s not for making notes but for listing down your distractions. This actually helped me a lot. Whenever you feel like doing something else like- checking your phone etc etc, list it down on the paper so that you can ensure your mind that you are going to do it after your study routine and your mind will stop running here and there. After you have completed your studies you are free to check your list and do the work.
  3. Choose the appropriate time – Some of us have a very noisy family which won’t let you study or we have some hours in which our whole house is literally shouting. If you know the precise timings just like me, then don’t study at that time. Choose another time slot. Like on Weekends or Holidays you can choose early morning when everybody is sleeping for your studies. Or maybe you can study during night, well I don’t mean study whole night and don’t sleep. You can sleep earlier for 2 hours or so and then wake up at night and study for 2 hours and then sleep again, this will ensure that there is only silence around you.
  4. Don’t Neglect your sleep – In all these years I have never ever thought about neglecting my sleep. I sleep for 8 hours and this if ever going to decrease will stop at 7 hours. You sleep is important because if you don’t sleep your mind won’t be able to concentrate and grasp things. And you are most likely to forget what you have studied.
  5. Take breaks – Take breaks when you feel exhausted. I don’t set a time after which I take a break but yes I do take breaks. Ensure your breaks are not too long. Let them be a 10 minute break.

Remember a 2 hour study with fully concentrated mind if more efficient then a 4 hour study at a noisy place.

If you guys have any questions regarding studies be sure to comment down below. And also let us know your tips which you would like to include in this post. Maybe I would include you tips in a separate post.

If these tips helped you let me know. If you want me to do any kind of similar post let me know. To stay tuned do follow my blog and like this post.

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REVLON Makeup Remover Review

A lazy welcome to the person seeing this post. You know why lazy-it is because of the response I have been getting from my recent blog posts. People like the post without viewing just for the sake of attracting attention and it leaves me feeling depressed. I have seen this point in many of the ‘How to increase your followers’ post. The writers simply don’t know that your like without a view leaves the author so disappointed. We want likes for our post appreciation.

Anyways, I need to start today’s blog. So today I am going to review REVLON EYE AND LIP MAKEUP REMOVER. It has a creamy texture and it feels very mild on the skin.I had bought this makeup remover one and a half year ago and I am greatly satisfied by its performance. It removes all kinds of makeup however stern it maybe. Even though it is prescribed to use for eyes and lips I use it to remove my full face makeup.

This is my first ever chemical based makeup remover because before I didn’t knew that something like this existed and I used face wash to remove my makeup which was extremely exhausting because I had to use face wash 2-3 times and then too makeup was not completely removed. I also had to rub face wash on my face which now I don’t need to.

The packaging of the product.
The packaging of the product

It removes all kinds of makeup whether it is transfer resistant or long wearing in just one go and so don’t require rubbing the product on face. It feels very soft on the skin. It has a creamy texture. It is also ophthalmologist tested. Once I had faced the problem of blurred vision for sometime while I was trying to remove my eyeliner nicely but soon my vision improved. I think it was because of the reason I had got some product in my eyes but that’s only me you don’t need to worry just be careful while removing eye makeup.

Once I had faced the problem of blurred vision for sometime while I was trying to remove my eyeliner nicely but soon my vision improved. I think it was because of the reason I had got some product in my eyes but that’s only me you don’t need to worry just be careful while removing eye makeup.

It stands on all the claims it claims. I don’t have any problem with it except for the one I have already mentioned above.

I had bought the product for Rs 280 for 60 ml which I think is expensive for the amount of product it is offering. The product could have been more in capacity. The packaging is nice the cap isn’t loose so it is travel friendly too.It doesn’t open on itself like other bottles.

I rate it a 9/10. One mark less because the product offered could have been more.

That’s it for today. Like it then tap the like button, share my post and follow me. And also don’t forget to comment your thoughts. I have not received a single comment till date. Lets see who’s the first one.

Thanks gor reading.

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5 Must Watch Thai Dramas

Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog!! I can’t express how happy I am right know after seeing that I have gained a follower. Thank you so much to the beautiful lady for making my day. As I am this happy I decided why to write another blog. So I am back with another post on ‘TOP 5 THAI DRAMAS’. This list only contains the dramas I have seen till date but trust me I have seen dozens of these. Excuse me for mentioning all of the dramas made GMMTV because I love their dramas.

1. U- Prince Series : Lovely Geologist – The ‘U-Prince’ series is the best of all the series made by GMMTV. Trust me you won’t get disappointed by this series. ‘Lovely Geologist’ is the third part of this series. The story revolves around the male protagonist T-Rex who is absolutely fond of dinosaurs (and so always wears a dinosaur hoodie) who falls in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend but he treats her harshly. He purses her slowly by his adorable ways.The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

A cute moment between them.
A cute moment between them ‘U- Prince Series : Lovely Geologist’

2. U- Prince : Single Lawyer – The male protagonist is named ‘Firstclass’ I know what kind of person names their child Firstclass, if his parents had another son then let me guess his name… Businessclass or Economyclass😂😂 LOL . So Firstclass is a law student helps his half-brother by going out with the girl called ‘Minute’ whom his brother likes. His brother wants him to change Minute who is a spoiled rich brat. Minute’s family goes bankrupt so she is forced to live in the same apartment as Firstclass. While they go out they fall in love with each other.The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

August as Firstclass and Apple as Minute.
August as Firstclass and Apple as Minute.

3. U- Prince : Badly Politics – Cherry Milk, the female protagonist ,who is a fashion lover ,having the weirdest fashion sense is forced to study political science by her parents. Her teacher gives her an assignment to find out about a country due to which she seeks help from Survey, who is the prince of the country (which is his secret) and he knows everything going on in the university. They have very sweet moments in the story. I can’t resist but fall in love with Survey. The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

4. U- Prince : Ambitious Boss – Mantou the daughter of a Mafia, has a dream, but it is not any ambition, the dream is she wants to get married to her crush after her college is over but her parents arrange her marriage with Brian. Like Mantou, Brian is also stuck in a similar situation his ex-girlfriend who is also a daughter of a mafia wants to marry him and spreads a false rumour about him that she is pregnant with his child. This leads to war between two Mafias. The male protagonist here is also mesmerizing.The trailer is here.

Duration – 5 episodes

Mook as Montou and March as Brain..
Mook as Mantou and March as Brain.

5. Ugly Duckling : Perfect Match – Junior, the female protagonist, is a beautiful, young and rich girl who lives a beautiful life just like her beautiful face. She has lots of friends and followers on social media. One day she decided to go under the knife, without knowing her allergy towards chemicals. As a result the surgery results into a disaster and causes acne all over her faces. Her friends started boycotting her and her boyfriend left her. She admits herself in a college in the countryside and starts her treatment their. There she meets a handsome guy named Suea, who is a flirt and also mischievous . The trailer is here.

Duration – 9 episodes

Mook as Junior and Push Puttichai as Suea
Mook as Junior and Push Puttichai as Suea

You can watch all the above dramas on GMMTV youtube channel.

Check out my 3 Korean Dramas you must watch at least once post

All these dramas are my personal favorite and I can ensure you won’t be disappointed unless you don’t like romantic genre. All these are romantic dramas . Let me know if you want me to review a show or series or anything. If you have any queries comment down below. Please follow my blog and like the post so that we can make our family bigger.

Have a good day ahead.

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Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Review

First Blog Post

Hi everyone!! This is my first ever blog post. I thought why to make it tedious by writing what I expect from this blog and about the content coming up for you all instead I geared up to write a beauty blog. In the future hopefully I will be penning down several beauty blogs. Since I am new to this blogging world I will be posting quite often to gain some attention.

So coming to the point, today I am reviewing ‘REVLON COLORSTAY EYELINER’ 201 Black Noir. I had bought this eyeliner about a year before and this is my second eyeliner and trust me my first eyeliner was far better than this. Ooh I just got an idea about my next blog post comparing both of the eyeliners. Just kidding I am not going to do something like this, but not a bad idea. I am quite smart ; )

The packaging of the eyeliner.
The packaging of the eyeliner.
  1. Wears up to 16 hours – Talking about the first claim I am not very sure about this because I have only wore this for about 7 – 8 hours and it was very good indeed. It still looked fresh. I am sorry I cannot put it for a 16 hour test because I am a student and I don’t wear makeup at all.
  2. Rich, intense color – About the color it is not super black it is kind of faint on your eyes since you need to apply smoothly otherwise it will break off. You need to apply it multiple times to make it darker.
  3. Waterproof – I just tested it on my wrist and the results were very pleasant. Even after rubbing the swatch under water it didn’t came off. The eyeliner surely doesn’t smudge because of water.
  4. Smooth Application– It actually feels very smooth and feather-like on skin but due to the eyeliner being smooth and soft it doesn’t create a perfect wing. It also breaks off. I was so angry about the fact that it broke off even though I was gentle. And it’s not only me others also have the same complain .

Alright jokes apart, the following are the claims made by this eyeliner that I found on the packaging:- (well the claims were difficult to find apart from the first one).

The eyeliner comes with a smudger and a pull-out sharpener. After using the smudger on my eyes it doesn’t actually serve the purpose. While you use the sharpener you need to be very cautious because the eyeliner may break being too soft. It doesn’t make the tip very sharp to create a wing.

I have made a list of pros and con’s so that you can find whether the item fits your checklist.


  • It feels smooth on your skin.
  • It is long lasting.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is great for smokey eyes.

Coming to the Cons, I feel there are many-

  • The tip is very delicate so it may break.
  • It may smudge if you rub a towel or your fingers.
  • It doesn’t create a perfect wing.
  • *It cannot be used on lower lash-line at all.*
Note: *If you are like me and prefer using a pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line like a kajal then this eyeliner is not for you because it doen't apply on it at all.

I would like to rate it a 5/10 keeping all the factors in mind.

Guys that’s it for today let me know what other changes I can make in my blog. If you have any queries then please comment. Please share this blog so that we can make a bigger family and please, please follow me.

Lots of love

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3 Korean Dramas you must watch at least once

Having watched hundreds of Korean Dramas I know its a struggle finding out which dramas to watch its really a pain when you can’t find the drama whose trailer you loved and wanted to watch it so badly. Or sometime even when we get it we are not able to find Eng Subs and at that moment we feel like leaning that language. I know you… I don’t want you guys to go around and search for the drama as if you are insane, so I am going to mention 3 K-Dramas which you can watch on Youtube or are available on internet with English subtitles.

  1. Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up! – This drama was on air in 2015. It was actually a very interesting drama. I got to know about the pressure the students undergo in Korean schools. The plot revolves around a prestigious boarding school. Initially there are two groups in the school, one of the scholars, who study hard, they have a study club. And the other group has a hip-hop dance club, consisting of students who rank at the bottom of the class. Both of these clubs are enemies of each other.
The main actors.

When the principal announces that the dance club would be closed because the students disturbed the study club all the students were highly disappointed. Kang Yeon Doo, the female lead could do anything to protect her club and her friends. At last both the clubs need to work together for a cheer leading competition. The dance group accepted this opportunity because they wanted to protect their club. On the other hand they had to work together because they were threatened by Kwon Soo Ah’s mother. Kwon Soo Ah wanted admission in a university which was not possible until and unless she won this competition.

The main lead Kim Yeol and female lead Kang Yeon Doo

This drama shows the depression Korean High schoolers go through in order to fulfill their parents dream. Kwon Soo Ah is also one such child who worked hard day and night so that she could get admitted in the university in which her mother wished. Due to all the pressure she got depressed and started playing dirty tricks on Kang Yeon Doo, who was her best friend and her friends in order to seek revenge.

Poor Soo Ah (pic from one of the scenes of the drama)

2. I Can’t Hear Your Voice – This drama is very close to my heart. Initially the episodes made me so emotional. At one point I decided that I would become a lawyer and serve others and fight for justice but I can’t do that know. My bro has different dreams for me. Anyways, this drama starts with showing the childhood of the leads. The male lead, Park Soo-ha’s  parents died in a car accident which was framed. There were only two witnesses at the time of the accident   Jang Hye-sung, a poor maids daughter, who worked at her friend’s house, who was also the witness.   Could read everybody’s mind and he read  Jang Hye-sung’s  .  Her friend chose not to give her testimony but Jang Hye-sung  didn’t step backward and gave her testimony. The criminal threatened that he would kill her after he is released.

My favourite Lee Jong Suk

 From that moment on Park Soo-ha decided that he would protect   and would not let the criminal do anything to her. Park Soo-ha   returns afters many years, and tries to find  Jang Hye-sung  . At that time   she had became a public prosecutor, while he was a student. He finds her at the right time when Jung WoongIn  was released, he knew that  would attempt to kill her. At last the criminal confronts them about why he killed his parents.

Jang Hye-sung and Park Soo-ha

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – This drama has a lot of comedy so I love it. The drama is about a woman, not an ordinary woman but a “strong” woman.  Do Bong Soon has special powers due to which she is extremely strong. She can lift a car with her hands , fight many people at once… but she is fed up of this because she needs to keep her powers a secret from others because everybody would think she is telling tales.

So Bong carrying her boss. What an evolution in kdrama industry

Do Bong Soon’s dream is to create a game with herself as the main character. She doesn’t know how to use her powers until  Ahn Min-hyuk[ steps into her life, who is the CEO of a company. He was stunned to see her fighting goons and throwing people here and there. He asks her be his bodyguard. Initially, she refuses but she comes for the interview. And when she comes for the interview everything takes a funny turn. You must watch to know. Well I was dying of laughter.

So Bong in her interview hahaha

He teaches her how to use her power for mankind. Both of them fall in love together and make a extremely cute couple. I love their scenes together they are irresistibly cute. At the end after their marriage So Bong learns to use her power and becomes a superman (lol, she actually start helping others), while takes care of their super strong twins.

Their super strong twins
A super romantic scene from the drama.

Hey guys thank you for reading this post. If you have your own list of Must Watch Drama’s , then share it with me in the comments. Also if you want me to review any drama or write about something else do let me know. Initially I was mentioning 5 dramas but since the post was too long I decided not to post them. Please like my post and follow my blog. There’s gonna be more of drama stuff if you guys like it.

Check out my Top 5 Thai Dramas post

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Kyu Mein Chup Rehti Hun (Hindi Poem)

Bachpan mein hamesha lagta tha

ki beta beti to ek hi saman hote hain na.

Jab thori badi hui to pata chala

ki nahi aisa to bas tv mein hi hai.

Bhai ki remote control car dekh kar mera bhi man machalta tha

Jab bhai ne khelna chor diya

tab mera man khelne ka karta tha.

Par papa ne diya utha ke phek

Kyuki car theri larko ka khel.

Jab thori badi hui aur baate samajne lagi

Tab maine maa see pucha ki aakhir ghar ka kaam sirf mujhe kyu sikhate ho?

Pehle sikhao bade bhaiya ko phir uski behna ko.

Sirf main kyu saare kaam karu?

Uska bhi to kaam karna banta hai.

Bas yahi to pucha tha ki beta beti ke beech mein antar kyu?

Phir maa kyu bhadak gayi?

Maa kyu chilane lagi?

Us din ke baad iss khayal ko apne dil mein hamesha dafna ke rakha.

Jab mardo ko aurato pe chillate dekhte hun

To uss aurat ka sahara banane ka man karta hai

Par kya kare aurato ko chup ki rehne ka man karta hai.

Samjhti nahi hai wo ki samaj na uth kar aayega unde jabaan larane

Par agar aaj chup reh gayi to zindagi bhar yahi dekhna hoga.

Chup rehna hoga,

Sehna hoga,

Zabardasti sehne hogi,

Badtameezi bardash karne hogi.

This is the first ever poem which I have completed. I dont know whether I am capable of writting poems but still I made an attempt to do so. Let me know your thoughts about it.

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4 Must-have Lip balms for dry lips

It’s been long since I wrote, I know 4 days are too much or not soo too much but I am back. Today I gonna talk about “My top 4 lip balms for dry lips”. I know finding a great lip balm for your lips is not actually a big deal but when you have a long checklist and want to find a product that fits your list is definitely a big deal. I have used several lip balms before but only some are there which serve the best for lips. No matter if you are a school student and want a lip balm without tint, or you are somebody else and want something which makes your lips look fruity and tempting (lol, why am I writing this), you are going to find the one that fits you today. This list is gonna contain lip balms of two brands – Lakme and Nivea.

1. Nivea Original Care Lip balm

I have tried about 4 Nivea lip balms but this lip balm not only bags the first place in the whole Nivea lip balm range but also in my list. I have got this lip balm as a free gift twice (wow! Imagine what happens when the lip balm you love using, a product offers it as a gift. Well I shall go mad.) The best part about this product is that it has no tint so I can use for school too. It appears very glossy on my lips which I love. It won’t let you down, I say never. It lasts for 12 hours just as mentioned. When I apply it during night after waking up in the morning I can still feel the lip balm on my lips (don’t think I sleep for 12 hours, I just sleep 8 hours but I can still guarantee a 12 hour protection) . So, it is very long lasting. It also moisturizes your lips and keeps them soft for 12 hours. It totally cares for your lips.

I think its price is about Rs 100 as I have seen on the net. For Rs 100 you get 4.8 grams/ 5.5 ml of the product which I think is amazing. It is a must buy lip balm.

2. Nivea Cherry Shine Lip Balm

When you open the tube the product looks as if it is very pigmented and it reminds me of the watermelon flavour I think, I am not very sure but I had purchased another lip balm of the same range and I guess it was watermelon and it had a red color. This product has a cherry color . I think this range is very nice these fruity flavors feel very soft on your lips. However, this lip balm is not as long lasting as the one mentioned above. This one lasts for 4 hours maybe. It’s price is Rs 175 for the same amount which is 4.8 grams/ 5.5 ml .

3. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (Strawberry)

You all know my love for Lakme cosmetics and when I saw Lakme Lip balm in the mall I was impressed by its packaging. I admit that it’s packaging was something which attracted me the most, it just looks so cute. It has a transparent plastic cap so you can clearly see inside. The lip balm has a white creamy core and the product around it has a pink color. It don’t see how the white core is useful although the product claims that it makes our lips moisturized. It is not very long lasting, it lasts for about 3 hours which is a great drawback because the product claims a 14 hour non-stop moisturizing . But I still love it. The product also claims that it has SPF 15. It has a beautiful pink tint which looks very glossy. It is nicely pigmented and when I apply it I can feel my lips getting moisturized.

I bought it for Rs 200 for 3.8 g which is very less as compared to Nivea. So I think as long as you don’t want tint go for Nivea.

4. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (Cherry)

All the lip balms in this range are highly pigmented and look beautiful on your lips. It is of the same range i.e. Lip Love Lip Care but it is somehow different from the Strawberry flavor not only by color but also in moisturization and the way it feels on lips and its texture. It has a red glossy color which is beautiful for occasions. However, it is not as soft as the other lip balm. It feels somewhat hard and is not very smooth. Other properties are the same as the lip balm mentioned above. The price is same too.

Finally after these tiresome reviews my favorite lip balm brand would be Nivea because it offers great products at affordable prices with good amount of product. I think most of you people must be thinking why Baby Lips is not in list, actually I have seen the people who use Baby Lips soon they get rashes around there lips. I remember when I had bought the product I faced a similar issue but instead of rashes I felt my lips burning. So I never bought that brand again.

Thank you guys for reading my post. Please encourage me by liking the post. Follow my blog to stay tuned to my upcoming posts.

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(Reblog) Why my red makes you feel blue?

the story of a common girl

Why my red makes you feel blue?
Why my cramps are just some excuses to you?
Why me asking for a day leave while I go through my period looks like I am asking for a day’s extra salary?
Why my premenstrual syndrome is just pmsing to you?
Why it took so long to make my necessities tax free like my bleeding was somewhat my choice?

At last I would say I am sorry…

I am sorry since I could not control my bleeding schedules , otherwise, I would have scheduled them on my weekdays..

I am sorry for prioritising my health over everything.

I am sorry I have no control over my raging hormones.


I am not sorry…

I am not sorry for being a woman.

A woman who bleeds every month but still manages to smile.

A woman whose uterus can nourish and generate a new life.

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(Reblog) Cacophony of the other half

the story of a common girl

They told “you are a woman”
I told them “I am a human”..

They said “you are not safe outside”
I stated “I am not safe, even inside”..

They said “short dress is not the sign of elegance “
I smirked & thanked for their vigilance…

They said “you cannot work efficiently”
I answered “well,I manage work & home simultaneously”…

At last they exclaimed “you can’t create anything”
I proclaimed “I created you”…

p.s. Here I used cacophony as whenever women try to question society’s norms it is seem as they are quarreling and most of the time unheard like it is some unpleasant buzz

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Turning bullies into friends

Just at the time I was about to give up on writing posts based on my personal life I received a comment appreciating me and expressing wish to read this post so I decided that I am not going to give up. Thanks friend for giving me some strength, you might not know but your comments and likes literally made my day.

In my last post about“My experience of getting bullied” I had given you a sneak peak about this post. I had told that I turned my bullies into my friends however, I won’t recommend everyone to turn their bullies into their friends because even though you turn them into your friends you won’t ever be able to forget what they have what done. I did so since I was a 6-7 year old at that time and a kid can’t even think about revenge or anything. A child’s innocence makes them forgive everyone no matter how much the person has hurt him/her. But if, I were in that situation now I don’t think I could have forgiven them for the pain they given to me.

But if you want to do so, I will surely help you. Here are some things which helped me make friends with them-

  1. My mother always told me that Manya is taking her anger out on me. She had a younger sister and when you have siblings in your house there might be some issues about which you are depressed. To take her aggression out she, choosed me. Remember that the reason of their anger may be because they are leading a rough life. So, its not always great follow the persons behavior and do whatever they are doing with you.
  2. Talk with them as if they were your friend –Though I won’t recommend you to do this if the bully attacks you at the time you try to talk to them. I always used to treat everyone like my friend. I used to try to talk to them and have fun with them as I had with others. I was very friendly (that’s what I think I was) so it was not very difficult after so much time one of my bullies named Tanishka became such a great friend that in my absence she protected my image from getting spoiled by the girl Akasa (that’s what I was told by my classmate).
  3. Invite them for playing or for events- Invite them at some place where adults are around you or your trustworthy friends are not at some lonely place because it will give them a chance to bully you. I had invited Tanishka and her sister to play with my colony friends (since we were in the same colony) . We started playing together each and every evening. I also used to go to Manya’s home after we became friends and even she used to come to my home.
  4. Consult your elders- This I say is one of the most important tips because you should definitely have someone to hold on to your back and to guide you and don’t let you get depressed. My help was only my mom because my father was always busy in his work so he never knew what was happening in my school life. My mother has always been a great help to me she is and will alwaus remain to be my best friend. I share everything with her, literally, everything.If your parents are available for help then talk with your siblings and if you don’t have one then talk to your teachers, counselor, grand parents, relative or a trust worthy friend. **
  5. Don’t use violence or abuse or follow their path-In this journey at no costs you should become like your bully and start bullying others. You should not use violence or abuse them because this may even spoil the matter more.
Note-** If you don't have any one to talk to always feel free to contact me. We have gone through the same situation at some point of our life so I will definitely try to help you find the best solution..
At some ppint of our life most of us has suffered bullying so don’t think you are alone in this and get depressed. My tip to eveyyone who doesn’t think bullies should be forgiven just like me go ahead and fight them. You don’t need to follow the above tips except the tip about consulting your elders because it is a crucial part of our lives. I have fought a bully and stopped her from bullying me. So let me know if you want to know about it.
Please share and like it because your oone single step can help me create awareness about bullying and protect a child.