Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog!! I can’t express how happy I am right know after seeing that I have gained a follower. Thank you so much to the beautiful lady for making my day. As I am this happy I decided why to write another blog. So I am back with another post on ‘TOP 5 THAI DRAMAS’. This list only contains the dramas I have seen till date but trust me I have seen dozens of these. Excuse me for mentioning all of the dramas made GMMTV because I love their dramas.

1. U- Prince Series : Lovely Geologist – The ‘U-Prince’ series is the best of all the series made by GMMTV. Trust me you won’t get disappointed by this series. ‘Lovely Geologist’ is the third part of this series. The story revolves around the male protagonist T-Rex who is absolutely fond of dinosaurs (and so always wears a dinosaur hoodie) who falls in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend but he treats her harshly. He purses her slowly by his adorable ways.The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

A cute moment between them.
A cute moment between them ‘U- Prince Series : Lovely Geologist’

2. U- Prince : Single Lawyer – The male protagonist is named ‘Firstclass’ I know what kind of person names their child Firstclass, if his parents had another son then let me guess his name… Businessclass or Economyclass😂😂 LOL . So Firstclass is a law student helps his half-brother by going out with the girl called ‘Minute’ whom his brother likes. His brother wants him to change Minute who is a spoiled rich brat. Minute’s family goes bankrupt so she is forced to live in the same apartment as Firstclass. While they go out they fall in love with each other.The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

August as Firstclass and Apple as Minute.
August as Firstclass and Apple as Minute.

3. U- Prince : Badly Politics – Cherry Milk, the female protagonist ,who is a fashion lover ,having the weirdest fashion sense is forced to study political science by her parents. Her teacher gives her an assignment to find out about a country due to which she seeks help from Survey, who is the prince of the country (which is his secret) and he knows everything going on in the university. They have very sweet moments in the story. I can’t resist but fall in love with Survey. The trailer is here.

Duration – 4 episodes

4. U- Prince : Ambitious Boss – Mantou the daughter of a Mafia, has a dream, but it is not any ambition, the dream is she wants to get married to her crush after her college is over but her parents arrange her marriage with Brian. Like Mantou, Brian is also stuck in a similar situation his ex-girlfriend who is also a daughter of a mafia wants to marry him and spreads a false rumour about him that she is pregnant with his child. This leads to war between two Mafias. The male protagonist here is also mesmerizing.The trailer is here.

Duration – 5 episodes

Mook as Montou and March as Brain..
Mook as Mantou and March as Brain.

5. Ugly Duckling : Perfect Match – Junior, the female protagonist, is a beautiful, young and rich girl who lives a beautiful life just like her beautiful face. She has lots of friends and followers on social media. One day she decided to go under the knife, without knowing her allergy towards chemicals. As a result the surgery results into a disaster and causes acne all over her faces. Her friends started boycotting her and her boyfriend left her. She admits herself in a college in the countryside and starts her treatment their. There she meets a handsome guy named Suea, who is a flirt and also mischievous . The trailer is here.

Duration – 9 episodes

Mook as Junior and Push Puttichai as Suea
Mook as Junior and Push Puttichai as Suea

You can watch all the above dramas on GMMTV youtube channel.

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All these dramas are my personal favorite and I can ensure you won’t be disappointed unless you don’t like romantic genre. All these are romantic dramas . Let me know if you want me to review a show or series or anything. If you have any queries comment down below. Please follow my blog and like the post so that we can make our family bigger.

Have a good day ahead.