First Blog Post

Hi everyone!! This is my first ever blog post. I thought why to make it tedious by writing what I expect from this blog and about the content coming up for you all instead I geared up to write a beauty blog. In the future hopefully I will be penning down several beauty blogs. Since I am new to this blogging world I will be posting quite often to gain some attention.

So coming to the point, today I am reviewing ‘REVLON COLORSTAY EYELINER’ 201 Black Noir. I had bought this eyeliner about a year before and this is my second eyeliner and trust me my first eyeliner was far better than this. Ooh I just got an idea about my next blog post comparing both of the eyeliners. Just kidding I am not going to do something like this, but not a bad idea. I am quite smart ; )

The packaging of the eyeliner.
The packaging of the eyeliner.
  1. Wears up to 16 hours – Talking about the first claim I am not very sure about this because I have only wore this for about 7 – 8 hours and it was very good indeed. It still looked fresh. I am sorry I cannot put it for a 16 hour test because I am a student and I don’t wear makeup at all.
  2. Rich, intense color – About the color it is not super black it is kind of faint on your eyes since you need to apply smoothly otherwise it will break off. You need to apply it multiple times to make it darker.
  3. Waterproof – I just tested it on my wrist and the results were very pleasant. Even after rubbing the swatch under water it didn’t came off. The eyeliner surely doesn’t smudge because of water.
  4. Smooth Application– It actually feels very smooth and feather-like on skin but due to the eyeliner being smooth and soft it doesn’t create a perfect wing. It also breaks off. I was so angry about the fact that it broke off even though I was gentle. And it’s not only me others also have the same complain .

Alright jokes apart, the following are the claims made by this eyeliner that I found on the packaging:- (well the claims were difficult to find apart from the first one).

The eyeliner comes with a smudger and a pull-out sharpener. After using the smudger on my eyes it doesn’t actually serve the purpose. While you use the sharpener you need to be very cautious because the eyeliner may break being too soft. It doesn’t make the tip very sharp to create a wing.

I have made a list of pros and con’s so that you can find whether the item fits your checklist.


  • It feels smooth on your skin.
  • It is long lasting.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is great for smokey eyes.

Coming to the Cons, I feel there are many-

  • The tip is very delicate so it may break.
  • It may smudge if you rub a towel or your fingers.
  • It doesn’t create a perfect wing.
  • *It cannot be used on lower lash-line at all.*
Note: *If you are like me and prefer using a pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line like a kajal then this eyeliner is not for you because it doen't apply on it at all.

I would like to rate it a 5/10 keeping all the factors in mind.

Guys that’s it for today let me know what other changes I can make in my blog. If you have any queries then please comment. Please share this blog so that we can make a bigger family and please, please follow me.

Lots of love