Hi everyone!!Welcome back to my blog. Your reaction to my last blog post The eyeliner Review one made gave me immense happiness and so I knew that you want more of makeup stuff. So I thought about reviewing ‘LAKME 9 to 5 LIP COLOR’ Shade : Pink Perfect MP16.

I know that some of you might not know the brand ‘Lakme’ since it is an Indian brand. But it’s not like it’s a small brand it is ranked at number 1 among the cosmetics brands in India. The shades and cosmetics LAKME offers are great for indian skin tones. It doesn’t means only for browns it has many shades which are suitable for varied skin tones. I have an amazing experience with lakme. Almost all of the products in my makeup kit are from Lakme. It suits each and every skin type.

It has a beautiful packaging.
It has a beautiful packaging.

Coming back to the lipstick it doesn’t has any claims on the box. It comes in a rose- metallic packaging which looks very elegant. It might look that it is difficult to hold but there is nothing like this. Here are my thoughts .A swatch of the lipstick

  1. Shade – It has a dark pink colour and is very shimmery. If you use this lipstick bare face then it doesn’t looks great at all ( at least it didn’t look on me). But when I had done my full face makeup it was looking amazing. It shimmers a lot so if you want to buy this for daily us – not suitable. It looks very bright on lips.
  2. Long Lasting ? – You need to apply it multiple times to make it long lasting other wise it will fade away. If you moisturize your lips before then it nice otherwise it will look like you were doing the ‘100 layers of lipstick challenge’. Moisturizing would definitely make the shimmer settle and make it look better.
  3. Moisturizing – It actually feels very moisturizing on lips. So it won’t dry your lips.
  4. Waterproof ? – It is not waterproof at all you can remove it under water. But no worries there was never any claim like this.
  5. Expense – I bought it for Rs 450 for 3.6 ml. The price is very high for just one lipstick. In other brands like Elle 18 you can buy at least 3 lipsticks for this amount. But I have faith in their products. No harsh chemicals are their. If you are a student like me and you only use lipstick like 4-5 times a year then the amount of product is too much.
Here are the pros from my side-
  1. Moisturising
  2. Long lasting
  3. Has a metallic finish so suitable for party’s
  4. Beautiful packaging
  5. Good amount of product
Cons –
  1. Very Expensive
  2. Not for daily use
  3. Too much shimmer
  4. A single swipe is not long lasting
I will give it a 7/10 keeping everything in mind.
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