Finally I got the strength to write about something I have experienced in my real life. I am teenager who has spent most of her childhood seeing the dark side of the world. My parents used to fight at home so the atmosphere was never cheerful and the same implied in my school. My schoolmates used to bully me. I won’t say my I have lived an amazing and beautiful childhood like everyone around me thought. My cousins and even my parents thought that I was always happy but deep down in my heart, there was no happiness there was only darkness from which I was not able to come out. Sometimes it seemed to me that finally the sun has came out now my world would be full of joy, but no soon the clouds of darkness would overshadow the sun and everything would return to be the same.

One of the many issues I have faced in childhood is seeing my parents fight and I still see them do so. I don’t think even after reading parental columns in newspaper and magazine parents learn anything because mine never did. I have seen my parents yell, throw things and what not. Parents don’t even tend to realize that their fights even have an impact on someone unless it’s them. It does, it has an impact which is not positive but negative and even children don’t realize that it is because of the fights. Even I didn’t realize this until I read the effects in an article.

There are many things that parents need about what happens with their children when they fight around them.

  • Children learn from what they see- If you keep on fighting with your partner in front of your kids they are going to learn the same. This makes them feel that fighting is the best way to resolve issues because they see their parents as role models and they want to follow everything their role model does. In the future this leads the child to become aggressive and short tempered and the child starts getting irritated on small issues. That’s what happened with me and my brother. We both have become short tempered. While I resist myself from fighting most of the times, my brother can’t control his temper and I don’t even think he wants to. 
  • Toddlers get affected too- Most of us don’t realize that toddlers too get affected by fights. When the child watches there parent realize they get to know that something is happening by the tone of voice or the gestures. This makes them afraid and their heart beat increases and they start crying. The child even starts feeling suffocated at times.
  • Makes the child feel insecure- When a child notices this atmosphere at home the child starts feeling insecure, tensed, frightened and anxious. The child starts doubting his/her parents. They lose faith in themselves.
  • Blaming themselves- I always blame myself for all the fights in my home. I think that I am the root of everything.  This even makes me think that if I never existed this would never happen and my family would always be happy.
  • Depression- I become depressed whenever I see my parents fighting. Depression can lead the child to separate themselves from their parents. Fights makes me tensed and it leads to loss of concentration in studies. Depression may even push the child to take wrong steps. I had read on a blog that due to parents fight a girl started getting suicidal thoughts which no parent wants to happen with their children.

I don’t think I have noticed anything else in myself caused due to my parents fight. So I will end this post. Please share this with other parents, like and follow my blog if you have liked the post.