My 4th Beauty Blog I guess you all like my makeup reviews more than any other blog posts so I need to post more of this then the others. I think it has been about 10 days since I have made this blog and I have posted 7 posts till date so lets say “New bloggers can be consistent too”. From now I think I will most probably post after every two days, since I am busy in learning C++.

Today I am reviewing my favorite eye shadow quartet “LAKME 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet” shade – Desert Rose. At the time I was buying this quartet I had seen various other quartets in this range as well but they didn’t fit my personality. All the shades are shimmery which I love about them- although I don’t like shimmer on my lips. I absolutely fell in love at first site with this. The colors are very girly and I totally wanted something like this.

The packaging looks very appealing to me. It comes in a rose gold colored packaging. It looks very girly but I am comfortable since I like girly things. It looks very tempting. I don’t like the applicator very much but what to do most of the brands offer this kind of applicator only.

Shades and Pigment – The shades look really nice but I have problem with only one shade and that is the rose pink one. It doesn’t show up on my eyelids completely, it is not very pigmented. I liked the other shades, the last two shades are obviously very pigmented. The gold shade could have been more pigmented I only use it for inner corners or near my brows. All these shades still create a beautiful eye makeup look.

Long lasting? – These are long lasting but still in order to make the shimmer last I had to touch up my eye makeup. But I think even without a touch up it could have last for hours easily.

Waterproof ? – It’s not actually water proof but it only when you rub it nicely. So if someone throws water on your face (lol) it wont’s come off.

Price- I bought it for Rs 600. It is expensive for a quartet.

It looks amazing with ethnic looks. It is also great for a night look since it shimmers so well. I think I will end the post here because I didn’t had much to tell about this quartet because it doesn’t have much claims. It only says that the colors have high intensity nothing much. So I will end my post. Please comment your thoughts and like and share my post and follow me.