After the Negative impacts my parents fight had on me” post in which I had expressed my feelings about parents fight I wanted to write about my childhood more. I want to make this blog and the blog members a family. I also wanted a blog to share my personal feelings and I am happy that I can finally open up and help people fight against bullying.

I used to get bullied since I was in LKG and till class 4th. I don’t get bullied now because I have shifted to a new place and I actually have strong girl image here not that weak girl image which I had earlier.

I remember the girl named “Manya Chhapariya ” whom I referred as a friend took me as an enemy. She used to take all her frustration out on me and used to team up with my friend called “Swasti”and bully me. It was not any physical abuse or anything but it was a abuse full of lies. She used to lie to my teacher called “Priyanka Gulati” and say innumerable lies about me. Manya hated that teacher and took her frustration out by saying that I had
said bad words about the teacher. She used to say that I call the teacher fat etc, etc. And it didn’t end here because of them that teacher used to beat me and once she even threw me out of merry go round. Well I am thinking to write about this incident in a separate post to make the teachers aware that whatever they hear is not true.

Can you imagine a child who was so innocent that she had never ever imagined saying bad things to others could say abusive words to her teacher. How can a teacher even doubt a child’s innocence?

In my van also there were always a bunch of people who were busy in bullying me. I remember for the first time when I got bullied in my van was by the girl named “Tanishka Sonwanshi” s and she literally grabbed me by my neck and you know why? because of the pity reason I was moving my head and looking here and their. She expected me to sit still even when the van is jerking and not move my neck.

The next time I was bullied was by two brothers and one sisters they used to call me a snake and when my mother complained she asked my how I know that her name is ” Anjali” what a fool going in the same van and except not to know your name. I remember once those boys had injured my two classmates on t6heir head and they were literally bleeding.

When I finally came to second class I knew that I can take step for myself but still a girl called ” Akasa” bullied me. Once when I had said that I want to become a fashion designer she compared it to a tailor and said why are you wasting your parents money go and sit in a tailors shop. I want to go back in that time and tell that fool that you are the one who is wasting your parents money. Tailor or fashion designer ke beech ka diffenece to pata nahi aur badi aaye..

Soon I left that van because I could no longer tolerate that girl AND YOU KNOW WHAT I started to go in the same van as Manya at that time we were friends

I only had my mother by my side no one else would ever help me. I remember when my mother confronted that teacher and told her that I don’t even know these words but that lady was busy giving excuses that Manya had told her this and that. I want to go back to that place and confront that teacher that a person who beats KG students does not deserve to teach children.

I don’t know what I forgive everyone. You won’t believe but all the bullies above mentioned I managed to make them my friends. I don’t love this that I had made them my friends but I hate it. Bullies should not be left without getting punished.

Till date I have the wish to go back to that city and confront them about their crimes. I want to show all of them that I am thousand times better than them. I am working everyday towards a bright future so that I can go back once and show them who was the best and what I am capable of and show them where they belong to. Whenever I think about these things I pray to god that only once but let me meet those people and let them know where they belong to.

Soon I will be adding a post about how to fight bullying and how I made my bullies my friends so stay tuned.

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