Just at the time I was about to give up on writing posts based on my personal life I received a comment appreciating me and expressing wish to read this post so I decided that I am not going to give up. Thanks friend for giving me some strength, you might not know but your comments and likes literally made my day.

In my last post about“My experience of getting bullied” I had given you a sneak peak about this post. I had told that I turned my bullies into my friends however, I won’t recommend everyone to turn their bullies into their friends because even though you turn them into your friends you won’t ever be able to forget what they have what done. I did so since I was a 6-7 year old at that time and a kid can’t even think about revenge or anything. A child’s innocence makes them forgive everyone no matter how much the person has hurt him/her. But if, I were in that situation now I don’t think I could have forgiven them for the pain they given to me.

But if you want to do so, I will surely help you. Here are some things which helped me make friends with them-

  1. My mother always told me that Manya is taking her anger out on me. She had a younger sister and when you have siblings in your house there might be some issues about which you are depressed. To take her aggression out she, choosed me. Remember that the reason of their anger may be because they are leading a rough life. So, its not always great follow the persons behavior and do whatever they are doing with you.
  2. Talk with them as if they were your friend –Though I won’t recommend you to do this if the bully attacks you at the time you try to talk to them. I always used to treat everyone like my friend. I used to try to talk to them and have fun with them as I had with others. I was very friendly (that’s what I think I was) so it was not very difficult after so much time one of my bullies named Tanishka became such a great friend that in my absence she protected my image from getting spoiled by the girl Akasa (that’s what I was told by my classmate).
  3. Invite them for playing or for events- Invite them at some place where adults are around you or your trustworthy friends are not at some lonely place because it will give them a chance to bully you. I had invited Tanishka and her sister to play with my colony friends (since we were in the same colony) . We started playing together each and every evening. I also used to go to Manya’s home after we became friends and even she used to come to my home.
  4. Consult your elders- This I say is one of the most important tips because you should definitely have someone to hold on to your back and to guide you and don’t let you get depressed. My help was only my mom because my father was always busy in his work so he never knew what was happening in my school life. My mother has always been a great help to me she is and will alwaus remain to be my best friend. I share everything with her, literally, everything.If your parents are available for help then talk with your siblings and if you don’t have one then talk to your teachers, counselor, grand parents, relative or a trust worthy friend. **
  5. Don’t use violence or abuse or follow their path-In this journey at no costs you should become like your bully and start bullying others. You should not use violence or abuse them because this may even spoil the matter more.
Note-** If you don't have any one to talk to always feel free to contact me. We have gone through the same situation at some point of our life so I will definitely try to help you find the best solution..
At some ppint of our life most of us has suffered bullying so don’t think you are alone in this and get depressed. My tip to eveyyone who doesn’t think bullies should be forgiven just like me go ahead and fight them. You don’t need to follow the above tips except the tip about consulting your elders because it is a crucial part of our lives. I have fought a bully and stopped her from bullying me. So let me know if you want to know about it.
Please share and like it because your oone single step can help me create awareness about bullying and protect a child.