It’s been long since I wrote, I know 4 days are too much or not soo too much but I am back. Today I gonna talk about “My top 4 lip balms for dry lips”. I know finding a great lip balm for your lips is not actually a big deal but when you have a long checklist and want to find a product that fits your list is definitely a big deal. I have used several lip balms before but only some are there which serve the best for lips. No matter if you are a school student and want a lip balm without tint, or you are somebody else and want something which makes your lips look fruity and tempting (lol, why am I writing this), you are going to find the one that fits you today. This list is gonna contain lip balms of two brands – Lakme and Nivea.

1. Nivea Original Care Lip balm

I have tried about 4 Nivea lip balms but this lip balm not only bags the first place in the whole Nivea lip balm range but also in my list. I have got this lip balm as a free gift twice (wow! Imagine what happens when the lip balm you love using, a product offers it as a gift. Well I shall go mad.) The best part about this product is that it has no tint so I can use for school too. It appears very glossy on my lips which I love. It won’t let you down, I say never. It lasts for 12 hours just as mentioned. When I apply it during night after waking up in the morning I can still feel the lip balm on my lips (don’t think I sleep for 12 hours, I just sleep 8 hours but I can still guarantee a 12 hour protection) . So, it is very long lasting. It also moisturizes your lips and keeps them soft for 12 hours. It totally cares for your lips.

I think its price is about Rs 100 as I have seen on the net. For Rs 100 you get 4.8 grams/ 5.5 ml of the product which I think is amazing. It is a must buy lip balm.

2. Nivea Cherry Shine Lip Balm

When you open the tube the product looks as if it is very pigmented and it reminds me of the watermelon flavour I think, I am not very sure but I had purchased another lip balm of the same range and I guess it was watermelon and it had a red color. This product has a cherry color . I think this range is very nice these fruity flavors feel very soft on your lips. However, this lip balm is not as long lasting as the one mentioned above. This one lasts for 4 hours maybe. It’s price is Rs 175 for the same amount which is 4.8 grams/ 5.5 ml .

3. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (Strawberry)

You all know my love for Lakme cosmetics and when I saw Lakme Lip balm in the mall I was impressed by its packaging. I admit that it’s packaging was something which attracted me the most, it just looks so cute. It has a transparent plastic cap so you can clearly see inside. The lip balm has a white creamy core and the product around it has a pink color. It don’t see how the white core is useful although the product claims that it makes our lips moisturized. It is not very long lasting, it lasts for about 3 hours which is a great drawback because the product claims a 14 hour non-stop moisturizing . But I still love it. The product also claims that it has SPF 15. It has a beautiful pink tint which looks very glossy. It is nicely pigmented and when I apply it I can feel my lips getting moisturized.

I bought it for Rs 200 for 3.8 g which is very less as compared to Nivea. So I think as long as you don’t want tint go for Nivea.

4. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (Cherry)

All the lip balms in this range are highly pigmented and look beautiful on your lips. It is of the same range i.e. Lip Love Lip Care but it is somehow different from the Strawberry flavor not only by color but also in moisturization and the way it feels on lips and its texture. It has a red glossy color which is beautiful for occasions. However, it is not as soft as the other lip balm. It feels somewhat hard and is not very smooth. Other properties are the same as the lip balm mentioned above. The price is same too.

Finally after these tiresome reviews my favorite lip balm brand would be Nivea because it offers great products at affordable prices with good amount of product. I think most of you people must be thinking why Baby Lips is not in list, actually I have seen the people who use Baby Lips soon they get rashes around there lips. I remember when I had bought the product I faced a similar issue but instead of rashes I felt my lips burning. So I never bought that brand again.

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