Having watched hundreds of Korean Dramas I know its a struggle finding out which dramas to watch its really a pain when you can’t find the drama whose trailer you loved and wanted to watch it so badly. Or sometime even when we get it we are not able to find Eng Subs and at that moment we feel like leaning that language. I know you… I don’t want you guys to go around and search for the drama as if you are insane, so I am going to mention 3 K-Dramas which you can watch on Youtube or are available on internet with English subtitles.

  1. Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up! – This drama was on air in 2015. It was actually a very interesting drama. I got to know about the pressure the students undergo in Korean schools. The plot revolves around a prestigious boarding school. Initially there are two groups in the school, one of the scholars, who study hard, they have a study club. And the other group has a hip-hop dance club, consisting of students who rank at the bottom of the class. Both of these clubs are enemies of each other.
The main actors.

When the principal announces that the dance club would be closed because the students disturbed the study club all the students were highly disappointed. Kang Yeon Doo, the female lead could do anything to protect her club and her friends. At last both the clubs need to work together for a cheer leading competition. The dance group accepted this opportunity because they wanted to protect their club. On the other hand they had to work together because they were threatened by Kwon Soo Ah’s mother. Kwon Soo Ah wanted admission in a university which was not possible until and unless she won this competition.

The main lead Kim Yeol and female lead Kang Yeon Doo

This drama shows the depression Korean High schoolers go through in order to fulfill their parents dream. Kwon Soo Ah is also one such child who worked hard day and night so that she could get admitted in the university in which her mother wished. Due to all the pressure she got depressed and started playing dirty tricks on Kang Yeon Doo, who was her best friend and her friends in order to seek revenge.

Poor Soo Ah (pic from one of the scenes of the drama)

2. I Can’t Hear Your Voice – This drama is very close to my heart. Initially the episodes made me so emotional. At one point I decided that I would become a lawyer and serve others and fight for justice but I can’t do that know. My bro has different dreams for me. Anyways, this drama starts with showing the childhood of the leads. The male lead, Park Soo-ha’s  parents died in a car accident which was framed. There were only two witnesses at the time of the accident   Jang Hye-sung, a poor maids daughter, who worked at her friend’s house, who was also the witness.   Could read everybody’s mind and he read  Jang Hye-sung’s  .  Her friend chose not to give her testimony but Jang Hye-sung  didn’t step backward and gave her testimony. The criminal threatened that he would kill her after he is released.

My favourite Lee Jong Suk

 From that moment on Park Soo-ha decided that he would protect   and would not let the criminal do anything to her. Park Soo-ha   returns afters many years, and tries to find  Jang Hye-sung  . At that time   she had became a public prosecutor, while he was a student. He finds her at the right time when Jung WoongIn  was released, he knew that  would attempt to kill her. At last the criminal confronts them about why he killed his parents.

Jang Hye-sung and Park Soo-ha

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – This drama has a lot of comedy so I love it. The drama is about a woman, not an ordinary woman but a “strong” woman.  Do Bong Soon has special powers due to which she is extremely strong. She can lift a car with her hands , fight many people at once… but she is fed up of this because she needs to keep her powers a secret from others because everybody would think she is telling tales.

So Bong carrying her boss. What an evolution in kdrama industry

Do Bong Soon’s dream is to create a game with herself as the main character. She doesn’t know how to use her powers until  Ahn Min-hyuk[ steps into her life, who is the CEO of a company. He was stunned to see her fighting goons and throwing people here and there. He asks her be his bodyguard. Initially, she refuses but she comes for the interview. And when she comes for the interview everything takes a funny turn. You must watch to know. Well I was dying of laughter.

So Bong in her interview hahaha

He teaches her how to use her power for mankind. Both of them fall in love together and make a extremely cute couple. I love their scenes together they are irresistibly cute. At the end after their marriage So Bong learns to use her power and becomes a superman (lol, she actually start helping others), while takes care of their super strong twins.

Their super strong twins
A super romantic scene from the drama.

Hey guys thank you for reading this post. If you have your own list of Must Watch Drama’s , then share it with me in the comments. Also if you want me to review any drama or write about something else do let me know. Initially I was mentioning 5 dramas but since the post was too long I decided not to post them. Please like my post and follow my blog. There’s gonna be more of drama stuff if you guys like it.

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