I know for some of us it’s a struggle concentrating on our studies for hours straight and normally we end up humming a song in just a few minutes. Its normal for us to get distracted from our studies. Some of us do not have a good concentration power whereas some do not have friends who can’t stop bugging them or some do not have a study environment at their homes (that’s my house). So I decided to share some of my tips which I have been using since a long time to concentrate on my long study routines.

I don’t really measure the time I spend on studying because once I am concentrated I can go on like that for several hours. But to stop your mind from running away you need-

  1. A quiet place – If you can manage to have one. Well I don’t have at home so sometimes I take my stuff in my balcony and study there. In order to make your mind concentrate you need a place with pin-drop silence. Ensure TV is not on or it’s sound cannot reach you. Shut the door and before that keep your mobile miles away from you.Tell everybody not to disturb you if you can. If you have enough money and you are living at a noisy place then use your balcony and build one.
  2. Keep a pen and paper by your side – That’s not for making notes but for listing down your distractions. This actually helped me a lot. Whenever you feel like doing something else like- checking your phone etc etc, list it down on the paper so that you can ensure your mind that you are going to do it after your study routine and your mind will stop running here and there. After you have completed your studies you are free to check your list and do the work.
  3. Choose the appropriate time – Some of us have a very noisy family which won’t let you study or we have some hours in which our whole house is literally shouting. If you know the precise timings just like me, then don’t study at that time. Choose another time slot. Like on Weekends or Holidays you can choose early morning when everybody is sleeping for your studies. Or maybe you can study during night, well I don’t mean study whole night and don’t sleep. You can sleep earlier for 2 hours or so and then wake up at night and study for 2 hours and then sleep again, this will ensure that there is only silence around you.
  4. Don’t Neglect your sleep – In all these years I have never ever thought about neglecting my sleep. I sleep for 8 hours and this if ever going to decrease will stop at 7 hours. You sleep is important because if you don’t sleep your mind won’t be able to concentrate and grasp things. And you are most likely to forget what you have studied.
  5. Take breaks – Take breaks when you feel exhausted. I don’t set a time after which I take a break but yes I do take breaks. Ensure your breaks are not too long. Let them be a 10 minute break.

Remember a 2 hour study with fully concentrated mind if more efficient then a 4 hour study at a noisy place.

If you guys have any questions regarding studies be sure to comment down below. And also let us know your tips which you would like to include in this post. Maybe I would include you tips in a separate post.

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