Have you ever been told that you are worth nothing? That you can do nothing? And that too by your own family member? Well I have been told and not only I have been told my brother tells me this each and every single time he gets a chance. And sometimes I wonder why do my parents don’t have any expectations from me like they had from my brother. It just makes think what do they even think about me?

But no I won’t let others let me feel down, ever, I know what’s my worth and I won’t let them make me overconfident. I will show them what I am worth of in the future. Right now I will focus on my studies because after a year I will be having exams which really matter in my life a lot, (BOARDS). I have high hopes. I want to be the topper on the national level. I want to get into IIT or DU because studying in IIT itself is like on being on the top of the world.

I will be attending an IIT workshop in the upcoming month and I hope I perform the best. When you come from a middle class background many things are very tough for you. And we need to face that. Actually we wouldn’t need to face it if my father was not so fond of helping his relatives financially. In my future I want to transform my family background, I want to be a successful person, someone who is admired by everyone, who is an inspiration for many. And I sincerely hope this blog will be a great help for me in accomplishing the task. I really want my blog to one of the greatest hits.

After reading Girl Online twice it has became my inspiration to be a blogger. I want to be a great blogger and have thousands and even millions of followers who love me. I want to create great content for them and connect with them. I have had also wanted to talk to foreigners and know about their country,culture, customs and share mine. And I hope this blog will fulfill all my dreams. And you know what I am a very stubborn and I am not going to leave one of my dreams until I accomplish it (that’s what I think). I will try my best to not let you down.

By the way, I have started this new series known as DD short for Dear Diary and since my diary is finished I will, not frequently, but when I in need make entries here.

If you are also, or you were also told that you are worthless tell us about your story, about how you made yourself a success.

Lots of Love