Selections in schools (especially in mine) most of the time have been partial. So I rarely get the chance to prove myself and to show that I am better than our principal’s darling. But today, today was amazing, the whole day at school was mind blowing. I had 3 periods of Maths (I know some of you hate it, I also used to but with after doing hard work in Maths , I am loving it), which were jolly good, I discovered that I am really engaged in Maths and I try to look at the problem in a different way and solve it. Then I got selected for an ISA activity (ISA-International School Awards) and next I got selected for another activity, actually the names were the same for the activities.

I can’t actually tell you much about the activity because I know slightly about it. And you know what, even yesterday was amazing, me and my parents went for shopping and we bought so many things. As usual my mother bought more clothes than me and that’s because of my uncooperative attitude with my parents during shopping. I don’t know what has got into them but they tend to always take me in the ladies section. Bro, I am a teenager, a teenager who is still small for the largest size in the kids section.

I hope they will understand it before the time I would actually need to shop in the ladies section. Actually I have a complaint, I don’t know why Fashion Big Bazaar hasn’t updated the whole kids section till date. I see the same old fabrics that were displayed last year too, the same old clothes too. Move on, we want something new. I had initially thought that I would buy a long skirt for the Dandiya Night (that takes place in November) but you know what there were no lehengas in the ladies section. Yes, I buy lehenga from ladies section because I need to buy something which is much, much bigger than me and will last decades.

Coming back to shopping, the collection was awfully boring. Though there was an offer on shorts but there were no shorts in the kids section. What, Why?? But still we did a ton of shopping. Lets leave it, the past is in the past, let it go.

Latest news, some paint has dripped from the upper floor on our clothes. Help!!

By the way, I think from now on I will be posting, much frequently if I have something interesting which is worth posting. So stay tuned to my blog. I gotta go, I need to finish the book FAN GIRL, let me know if you want me to write its review .Press the like button(don’t hit it because I fear you will break it, so press it gently) and follow my blog if you like my posts and want me to post more in the future.

Lots of love