I have a question for all the teachers- when you teach us everyone is equal then why do you give extra attention and affection to your favorite? Why do you even have a favorite? Why are teaching us not to discriminate when you can’t help discriminating us? Children don’t even know about discrimination until and unless they don’t see it.Whats so nice in that one child who is your favorite? Is the child giving you extra money to show him affection, give him opportunities? Are the other students paying you else? Then why do you give extra attention to one child and none to the others? Most of us have seen our teachers being partial and some have even seen their principals. Showing a kid too much affection and enrolling the kid for inter school competitions that’s what we have seen right?

Do teachers even consider others, other students opinion, other students feelings? In my school itself we experience this daily, this girl, let’s call her principal’s pet (I don’t mean to be disrespectful), she is treated as the special one by the principal, and when the principal loves her then why not the teachers. She is given every opportunity, for a meet and greet with a celebrity, inter school competition. We don’t know what’s special about her or lets say my principal loves her for the fact she is – immature, childish, annoying, irritating, panicky, bossy and all the qualities a spoiled kid has.

Or we think her father maybe gives money to the principal or arranges her free consultations in the hospital in which he works. And you know what her father had once also threatened my best friend after she had complained to teacher when his daughter(principal’s pet) had beaten my bff. And what he said isa shocking- he said mere bahut duur ki tak pehchan hai. So he actually admitted that he is a corrupt person and that’s what I think he is. He also returns for lunch at home even though his hospital is 20 minutes away from his home, he is most of the time on a vacation. He works at a government hospital so nobody cares.

Lets leave talking about the pet but I really want to tell all the teachers that please stop. We hate it. Stop giving opportunities to only one students when you have more who are better. Let each and every child discover their talent.