OMG! I have landed on to the same situation again. The time to make decisions and I am super, duper confused. I need to choose which club do I would like to opt for. I desperately need your help.I have short listed the clubs I want to participate in, please help me because I am awful in making decisions, since my name is confusedgirltales you can get that-

  1. Debate Club-To teach students to prove their point of view even if they get contradiction. I have always been appreciated by my teachers for my voice and for my confidence while I speak and for the fact I always make with the audience. So I always want to speak in front of the crowd and maybe it will land me bagging some inter school competitions.
  2. Literary Club-To get a chance to pen down his/her creativity by writing articles for school newspaper and magazine,he/she can be a member of editorial board. OK ,so you might know that I have to word press to enhance my flair for writing. I want to write more and inspire people. I don’t know what whether it is going to enhance my blog writing skills.
  3. Robotics Club-To develop an interest in robotics engineering and technology. Last year too I had chosen the same but we only had 3 classes, so we were not able to do much.Ma’am told that we would learn programming after some time which I love to do.
  4. Bits and Bytes Club-To learn and to enjoy a variety of software application. I don’t have the slightest idea about what we will do in this. But if it is something which is going to improve my programming skills or going to help me in computers I am okay. But I fear after reading its intro that we would do nothing but enjoy others application.

Guys, If you have any idea about what we do in the last two clubs then let me know. And do let me know if it is useless or what. For robotics we use Next Gurukul Robotics set. Let me know if you have completed it. And also help me by telling what you would choose if you were in such a situation.