A beautifully written series by Enid Blyton which if you start once I don’t think you can stop reading it. Last session, I issued this book in each and every library period, until I completed this series, which consists of 21 books. After reading this series I just love Enid Blyton and now I am trying to read most of the series written by her. Each and every book just keeps you hooked to it. Although it was written in 1950’s it is still read by thousands of people across the globe. It is an evergreen book. Each and every book consists of new adventures,excitement and bravery of the Famous Five. Every time I read this book I feel like I am living in the world of Famous Five. I in real life started admiring the five. I would imagine myself going on the adventure with them.

This book has been adapted for theatre, TV shows, audio dramas, video games, films and comics a number of times.

I don’t know how Enid Blyton imagined those miraculous adventures which I coudn’t have ever thought of. Her power to pen down whatever is in her mind is stunning. Famous Five revolves around Anne, who in the starting of this series was 10 years old, her brother’s Julian, 13 years and Dick, 12 years and their cousin George, also 12 years old and her dearest dog Timmy. In all of the stories the five are either at Kirrin Cottage which is George’s house or at the others house.

George, real name Georgina, is a tom boy. She dress up’s like boys and does all the things which people believe boys do.She has a short haircut and freckles on her face which she ,loves because she thinks they make her look boyish.Most of the time people think that she is a boy. She has a bad temper which she has inherited from her father who is a great scientist. She has a dog Timmy whom she loves, and he also loves her badly, even if she is required to stay at someone’s else place she won’t go there if they don’t allow her dog.

George in one of the TV adaptations

Anne, loves doing house chores. Whenever they go somewhere alone she manages there things, although she is just 10. She also wants to resist adventures and feels scared even thinking about them. She usually gets frightened. But at some point she gets fed up of being called a coward and handles the whole adventure by herself. She is like a perfect house wife.

Anne in one of the TV adaptations
Anne in one of the TV adaptations

Julian, the eldest of them is the most responsible one. He handles all the situations nicely. He is the most polite one and the way he talks with grown ups makes even the worst one like him. He cares for his sister Anne very much and whenever she is frightened he always take care of her. He is a perfect brother figure. He handles all of them better than anyone.

Dick, who is almost the age as George, is the joker but at the same time very clever. Sometimes he teases George because of her wish to be a boy. He and his brother Julian are always craving for adventures which always scares Anne because she likes to stay miles away from adventures.

These children study in separate girls and boys hostels and whenever they have a break they visit each other, where they meet some adventure. The five are very independent children, they go on hiking or car-vanning alone. They love eating a lot. They are always reading, they are extremely hungry people, and the way Blyton describes the meals I just feel ravenous

It’s a must read series, not only from my side but from a ton of other people. Please like and follow my blog if you wish me to post more in the future. Currently I am reading Fifth Form at Malory Towers if you guys want me to review the books or the whole series please comment down below. For the time being take care.