Me earlier : 10 hours of reading, no I am not going to read the next book. How could the author end this book without the selection of the girl. I can tell that the book was pretty exciting in the starting, when it comes to the end I felt that anything could happen nothing is impossible. I could honestly tell that America must not have any expression during the last few chapters like I didn’t. I practically live in the characters and I could imagine America when Celeste was selected int he Elite, like me she must have thought whats her use here even after explaining to Maxon he is not ready to follow the rules even. If he loved her he could have sent everyone expect her what has the use of 5 other girls. Pointless…

Just like this, the author adding and removing and adding again America’s ex was pointless

If somebody would have insulted me and said that they were superior then I would never ever talk to the person and leave that place. But this story wanted to last till 3 books so the story was always beating around the bush. The author could have completed it in a single book itself but no she didn’t. Instead she made the plot too complex by bringing the ex-boyfriend who has no use here but to twist the plot more.

Me when somebody insults me

I am too angry with the author and I am not going to waste my time by reading all the books. I will end this series journey here. I can’t bear my eyes burning everyday when the conclusion is nothing, I need to burn my eyes again. I am highly disappointed.

I had drafted all the content written above on the day I had read the book. At that time I was incredibly angry which you can see in the text. But now after completing the whole series in 5 days, I know why the author extended the selection of Maxon to 3 books. After reading all the 3 books I can actually feel and see all the characters, which I wouldn’t be able to too.

Me after reading the whole series.

I can fell America in the dilemmas. If you ask me to describe her then I shall say- America is a girl who knows how to fight, how to love. She has an incredible sense of humor, which is rare to find in a queen. She knows what others suffer from and wants to end suffering. She is extremely courageous and does what she wants even when she is well aware of the consequences. She is someone who breaks all the rules and shouts on the prince on their first meeting. And Maxon being incredibly generous doesn’t even scold her or throw her out of the palace (well that’s what I would have done at least).

In the starting of the book America was in love with Aspen (who later became a guard in the palace), who was a 6 (a caste) while America was a 5. They both loved each other but were compelled to keep it secretive. America was a musician because all the fives had to be an artist while Aspin helped people which he was also forced to. They used to dream of marrying each other, they were saving their funds for it. But one day all the young women between the age of 16 to 20 were sent an invitation for the Selection. America at first rejected it but after Aspin convinced her to register she did, feeling that she wouldn’t be selected in top 35 . But she got selected .

People were sent from the palace to teach all the young ladies the way to behave and what to do. After a few days she went to live in the palace, again feeling that she would probably be removed the first day itself. But she realized that she had to stay for her family. One the first day itself after shouting on the prince, a miracle happened and they became friends. She convinced him to keep her for a few weeks because she needed money. They both became good friends. She didn’t had any intention for falling for him.Their love story started from friendship. They become friends who would leave everything and spend time with each other. I can guarantee that after completing the 3 books you will love it.

But still I will mention that everything in this book is unpredictable. If you guys don’t want to jump to the book itself, then you can try her novellas, The Guard , The Prince , The Favorite ,The Queen to get a sneak peek in the story.

And tell me how do you like me using Gif’s my very first attempt in an original post.