I directly skipped from The Selection to the 4th book because I wanted you all to read the book and discover the rest of the story and tell me your experience. I didn’t wanted to create a spoiler post.

Now their is a leap in the story and now it revolves around Eadlyn the daughter of America and Maxon. America and Maxon had 4 children after they got married. Two twins Ahren and Eadlyn who are the eldest. Maxon and America decided that Eadlyn would be the next queen, the first female ruler After 22 years of Maxon ruling he has dissolved the caste system but in the recent times there were too many riots to dissolve the monarchy and bring back the caste system.

Eadlyn was a girl who knew that she would be the most powerful person after she becoming the queen of Illea. She was preparing to become the queen since her childhood. Everybody had a choice to choose their profession but she didn’t have one because she had to become the queen. She hated the idea of having a soulmate, a partner who she knew would try to control her actions (which I also agree, taht’s what a partner does from my point of view). She didn’t need a partner by her side (which I also don’t want in my future, aren’t we similar).

Due to too many riots the couple decided to hold a Selection for their daughter, Eadlyn (18 years old) but she hated the idea because she wanted to rule the country by herself but at last and agreed but she had still not given up. She had a wicked plan by her side. She decided that after 3 months of the palace having the boys she would dissolve the selection without a fiance.

When the 35 selected boys were announced everyone was surprise by hearing Kile’s name, who was the son of Miss Marlee, a dear friend of America and had lived in the palace his whole life. Even Kile was not aware who had registered for him but this small mistake changed their world. From friendship it turned into a connection. They started liking each other eventually. Even when America had asked Eadlyn to do something romantic to entertain the public, Eadlyn choosed Kile and asked him for a kiss. That kiss changed their worlds. Eadlyn got to know abut Kile’s passion and how he desperately wanted to get out of the palace to pursue his passion. Eadlyn promised him to convince Miss Marlee, his mother to let him leave the palace after some time on the condition of a kiss (which I have mentioned earlier).

One of the 35, candidates was Henri, a boy who could only speak Finnish and thus had bought a translator with him called Erik. Eadlyn and Erik eventually build a very strong friendship in the first book. And he became a person with whom she could share everything after Ahren left the palace .

Ahren was her twin who felt like a part of her. They both loved each other a lot. Ahren had a girlfriend Camilla the queen of France, whom Edalyn disliked because she was afraid that Camilla would steal him and take to France. Ahren aware of this married Camilla secretly and went to France without telling anyone. After America got to know this she had a massive heart attack but she survived.

To know whatever happened afterwards you need to read the book because I don’t want to write everything here and make it a spoiler.

If you guys don’t want to jump to the book itself, then you can try her novellas, The Guard , The Prince , The Favorite ,The Queen to get a sneak peek in the story.

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