OMG Adolescence is too much. Its been two days since my first pimple appeared and I only realized today that its a pimple. I always wash my face two twice or sometimes once a day. Then why this pimple? Maybe because of my habit of thinking too much and being lost in my world of day dreams. Adolescence is just too much to deal with. I hate it when its difficult for me to fit my favorite jeans. But I cannot blame adolescence for all this, its also because I don’t go out for playing so I am becoming fat day by day. What else I can do when we shift a lot. I don’t have any friends in my society. I don’t go to the park. If the park or badminton court was visible from my balcony then might be today I had some friends here. Anyways right now I need help.

At some point of your life you might had got a pimple. Please tell me how did you cure it, preferably home remedies. I don’t want the name of medicines because I am not going to the doctor. I won’t like popping my pimple at all… Ewe… . And yes the pimple is on my nose so it might because of oily skin. My skin is not very oily but sometimes it is.

I also don’t want to use toothpaste I don’t want to use a product meant for my mouth on my face. Please send me remedies which are tried and tested not from Google baba . I want to get rid of this!! Please help me!! Please help this teenager.