I will miss Suzanne saying ‘POLICE’ instead of ‘Please’ and me laughing my head off when she says ‘piggy-hoo-learr’, or when Mamzelle said ‘Amanda Shoutalot’ instead of ‘Chartelow’ and playing a ‘treek’ on the girls. I won’t ever forget the tricks played on the teachers especially the trick in which June inflated her body and Mamzelle was clueless. And I am never going to forget Mamzelle making a fool of herself in front of the teacher’s when the girls played tricks on her.

This series was the most memorable book series that I have ever read. Even though their are 6 more books written after the 6 original books written by Enid Blyton but I don’t want to read them because I know that no one can create the magic created by Blyton and second of all I am not interested in the story of Felicity but come to think of it, I am surely interested in June and her tricks. How I wish Enid Blyton had written more books in this series.

There are a lot of character’s in this story so I can’t describe them all so I will describe a few in the questionnaire below. How wise of me..

Funniest Moments in the books

I loved it when in the starting of every term Irene forgets where her Health Certificate is kept and what happens after always makes me laugh my head off. She hunts for her Health Certificate everywhere . Her Health Certificate is a standing joke for the whole school. I loved it when in the last term she takes out a picture of Matron scolding Irene for not bringing her Health Certificate which was made by Belinda who was Irene’s best friend and as much of a scatter brain as her. They both had gifts in which they were amazing but when it came to daily chores… ugh… just laugh at them for doing everything wrong.

I also love it Belinda’s ‘Scowl Bookwhich is a collection of all the beautiful and ugly scowls made by the arrogant people in Malory towers. I love it whenever Belinda says ‘Hold it’ and then draws the person scowling. Her all time victim is Gwendoline, who thinks of herself as the best but she isn’t. She loves to brag about her house, parents and holidays. But nobody cares and always ticks her off when she starts bragging. She never had any friend in Malory Towers.

Favorite character

I love Mamzelle Dupont. She is soo funny. She falls into the girls tricks and makes them laugh their head off. And her English… Wow.. whenever she makes mistakes I am left laughing for a while. She has such a great sense of humor and usually forgives the girls for their what she calls ‘treeks’. And not to forget when she played her own treek by wearing fake teeth and scaring the teachers, parents, girls and not to forget Miss Grayling. Everyone was so scared.

What do I think about Malory towers?

Darrell always explains the first glimpse of Malory Tower in each and every book and here’s what she says, ‘They loved the first glimpse of their lovely school, with its four great towers at each corner. Their eyes fastened on a big square building of soft grey stone standing high up on a cliff that fell steeply down to the sea. At each corner of the building rounded towers-North, South, East and West Tower. The school looked like an old castle. Beyond it was the dark-blue Cornish Sea.’ The school has so many things it has swimming pool, horse stables, lacrosse, lawn tennis etc. And I just love the view from each tower. They can see the sea from their dorms. Malory Towers is a place which can change individuals. So many incidents happened which changed the girls in the best way they could ever.

What do I think about the main character?

The main character Darrell Rivers is full of surprises. I never thought that she would turn out to be a success of Malory Towers. In the last few terms when she became a part of the lacrosse team, the head girl of the form, the games captain, and the producer of the play I seriously wonder who much she improved as an individual. She did so many jobs during her last few terms. She also overcame her awful temper which was awfully dreadful. I remember her shaking Gwendoline in the pool when she had ducked Mary-Lou and pushing Sally on the floor when she thought she was a thief. Later on Sally and Darrell became best friends.

Why I love this book?

I love the way Enid Blyton explains each and every character and brings out the best in them. I never ever thought that a hostel could be this fun with midnight feasts and tricks. She creates a magic. This book is full of humor and it will make your whole day. Not to forget how emotional I was when I realized that I was reading the second last book, I never wanted it to end, ever. After reading the last book I was in tears, I was thinking that it is going to be awful that I won’t get to read more of this series again. Sometimes I wish Enid Blyton was alive today but that’s OK I still have hundreds of her books to read.

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