OK I just won against my insecurities of dressing up. Each and every time I do it I feel more confident. We all are afraid of what others will think if I wear this, if I don’t wear that. So you are not at all alone, at least you have me for the time being. Sometimes we are afraid of wearing shorts because we have fat or hairy legs, or wearing off shoulder top thinking what your relatives will say, or a bodycon dress because we are afraid of dressing too much.

Most of the problems in my life are because of clothes either it is I don’t have anything to wear or even if I have I am afraid to wear it. I am afraid what my parents will say. But slowly slowly I am learning to overcome this. Recently I bought a cut sleeves dress and a cold shouldered top, both of them were the firsts of its kind in my wardrobe so I didn’t know where to wear etc etc. But after thinking about all those fashion influences who are thousand times more daring then me I got the courage to wear it. And not only once I wore it twice already.

I remember how I prevented myself from thinking about what others think of me. So I thought why not to help the others who are like me. And I hope after writing this post I am going to be more daring and wear whatever I want, anywhere without caring about others. So here is my challenge for us follow the steps below to complete it.

Disclaimer - Do these tings at your own risk. If they go wrong then don't blame me   at all.

Step 1 : Tell the critics to zip their mouth

You must do this otherwise you don’t know what’s coming. I don’t let my parents speak anything. You know what my father said last time when I wore my cold shoulder top, he said, “Beta, these clothes must be made when the tailors go in short fabric.” Wow. But I didn’t take this on my heart. If you are a person who takes of all the remarks on your heart then you must keep the critics shut or be ready with a comeback but don’t be rude with your parents please you can be with other beastly people. I always tell my mom to not say anything which will hurt me.

Step 2 : Find inspiration

Finding inspiration is important everywhere no matter what you are doing. I tried to think of all the fashion influencer’s who are extremely daring I found my inspiration in them. I thought how they handle troll from thousands of people and how they don’t care about what others think and I was ready. Find inspiration from the people around you it can be anyone. I you don’t know who to make your inspiration then tell me in the comment section I will tell you about mine.

Step 3 : Fill up your mind with constructive thoughts

The best way to prevent yourself from thinking trash which is what others think about you is by filling your mind with other thoughts which really have a purpose. Think about you next blog post (well that is what I was thinking, though it’s still in the draft), your school assignment, the place you are going and most importantly fill up you mind with positivity. Think of something engaging (like your crush or boyfriend), something amusing or something which makes you angry but it must be something which will prevent you from thinking about other things. If you are going on a date then think what you will speak about.

Step 4 : Wear it more often

Now after doing it for the first time I am you might have gained some confidence so don’t let it fade away and let it continue to be a part of you. Don’t think your task was just to wear it once you need to carry on. After wearing it for just once in the year don’t think you will not feel afraid when you take it out the next year, you are mistaken. You need to wear it more and more, whenever you get a chance, like I wore it for continuous two days (don’t say eww I just wore it while getting out of my house. I am a neat and tidy person) and I am going to wear it more in the future. Don’t let the pest eat your clothes or let the clothes become too short for you.

Step 5 : Reward yourself

Remember you treating yourself or your parents treating you when you did good in an exam, completed your task or achieved your milestone. Doesn’t it feel good when you get treated and don’t you want to do it again. So after you achieving success reward yourself let’s say with a compliment for yourself, with a chocolate or with something you like but remember not to overdo it because you still have a long way to go.

Step 6 : Challenge yourself

Now after doing all the steps above challenge yourself for some more. I know there must be plenty of clothes in your wardrobe that you might have not even touched. It time, wear them now, don’t be afraid dressing up to much because now you need to do it more often. If you have the money then go buy the clothes which you badly wanted to wear but didn’t buy because you thought you were not fit for them. Start dressing up often if you can and if it is appropriate (don’t scold me if it was not allowed to).

By the way guys I am starting this series called “Let challenge ourselves” and this post is the first one under this and I hope I will have hundreds where we all will work together in overcoming our fears.I will post about the real life challenges we face and how to overcome them. Guys let me know if you challenged yourself and what were your outcomes or on which step you currently are on.If you have any idea what else I should post under this column then comment down below. Please share and like this post to help others.