Making newspaper craft items is a must do for me in every summer vacations and when it turns out to be one of the holiday homework’s then its just splendid. Like every child I don’t want to start studying hard in the starting of the vacations only, give me some time bro. So like always I started my hols with some newspaper craft. Doesn’t it feels amazing when you make something brand new from best out of waste, when you didn’t buy anything and made a marvel. In my case I hate spending tons of money on small things so whatever I make is of newspaper or of old books.

After returning from the last day of my school before hols I knew I wanted to make something so I went to Youtube and searched “Newspaper wall hanging” and I got this amazing video called “Newspaper Craft Idea | Newspaper wall decor | Diy Wall Hanging” on the channel Kraft Story. You must check out their channel, they have a plenty of cool ideas for crafts made from Best out of waste. Yes, so returning on the video I found the idea pretty easy because I have made a lot of crafts earlier using newspaper tubes and they turn out to be amazing, though making the sticks is time consuming.

Newspaper wall hanging made by me
Newspaper wall hanging made by me

I started making the tubes and the small drop shaped pieces that evening only and continued till 10’O clock at night. The next morning I started making it after brushing my teeth (you see I have great determination) and I finished it in the evening itself. I t turned out to be nice and my father loved it and praised me and that’s the reason why I made it. I didn’t paint it because I don’t want to paint like a mad person for days with a round tip paint brush and anyways with my painting skills I would have destroyed it. And also my father said that it looks better when you know that such an amazing art piece is made of newspaper, so I shall not hide its beauty.

Check out the video!

I don’t think I am going to make any more of craft pieces now in my holidays because I have a lot to study but if you liked it then do make it. Here are the materials required – Fevicol , newspaper(you can use colored paper if you have in plenty) , pencil (for rolling the newspaper in tubes) and something to hang, if you want to use glue gun if you have then you can, I didn’t use it since I don’t have it. I used fevicol instead of glue gun.

If I do anything interesting in my vacations then I ensure you that I will post it here, though I know I won’t do any. Let me know if you guys tried it and how it turned out. Also tell me what all things you guys do in vacations. I was thinking about joining some online site to make some friends. If you have tried it then let me know.

Actually I had joined a site about 6 months back it was made for language and cultural exchange but I didn’t find many people who were interested in having conversation. It was only me asking them questions so I left it. I you have had any such experience then do tell me.