I ain’t your coloring book

So stop, don’t try to fill your colors in me

Your dream, your passion it has nothing to do with me

I don’t know when did I become your prey

I don’t know who gave you the permission

To use me as your pawn

I ain’t somebody’s pawn.

Let me find what I desire, what I truly want

Because your colors, they are suffocating me from dusk till dawn

I am clueless about what I truly want to do

And that is because of you.

I always refused to do what you wanted

But it was you dad who pushed me in the dark

You never knew and will never be aware of

What it will cost me.

I thought I knew that I wanted to choose the unconventional path

Be a lawyer or a psychiatrist

And fight for my way to justice

But you my brother told me that

I am capable of nothing other than computers

I don’t live coding, I don’t breathe coding

I don’t want to do something that you do.

How I wish you would have never forced things on me

Then I would be fully aware of what I want to do

Then I wouldn’t be left confused.

I would like to thank  Black Diary. Priya Negi  for inspiring me by her Novel_12 THE KITE RUNNER post . Your one line “Children aren’t coloring books” made me write this whole poetry. I am so glad that I found your blog. Guys check out her she has a bunch of amazing posts on her blog. Thank you so much for reading the post. Please like and share this post and follow my blog.

P S – i FOUND OUT THAT THIS LINE IS FROM THE BOOK THE KITE RUNNER but still I would like to give the credits to Priya Negi too for mentioning the line.