Love your body because you only have one

As a girl I can understand what most of the the girls and ladies go through in their life, what they think of and their habit of being self-conscious. I have seen many people around me and even my family saying “Their daughter-in-law is not even pretty.” Every time I hear I want to confront them that whether they are telling other girls that being pretty is the only thing they should do. I mean, what is being pretty? Can you please explain me your definition of being pretty? I am sure that Asians will give answers that will involve two words – fair complexion. What? do you think having a fair complexion is being pretty? But I find black and browns pretty too, am I an idiot then?

Honesty, in all these years of my short life I have never been able to understand what being pretty is and I don’t even care to. You know why, because being “pretty” won’t give me success, kindness, personality, compassion, sympathy from others and knowledge. I don’t care what others think about each others looks because no matter how beautiful you think the person in front of you is, that face is not everything.

That fair complexion issue has been in India since a long time. Arre, jitna India aaj tak devlop nahi kara usse 100 times jayada fairness creams devlop kar gayi. The ads you see will tell you a lot. Let me tell you some of the technologies that fairness creams have attained in India – laser technology, advanced multi vitamin, HD glow etc etc.

You know what is think, using fairness cream = using bleaching powder, but unfortunately even this is not true because though bleaching powder gives results but fairness creams don’t.

I don’t know why people think that being black or brown is bad but in my vision black is the most beautiful color. In my whole life I have never judged anyone or made friends on the basis of skin color. People who star in these ads are just as racist as the people who use those creams.

I remember many celebs in India have been trolled for doing ads for these creams but what was the result- nothing. They don’t care and we people blindfold ourselves and buy what our favourite celebrity is advertising for. In my eyes juding someone on the basis of skin color, advertising for fairness creams are equal to sins.

Do you know what is the science behind your skin color ? If no then please search it out on Google, initially I wanted to write it down but I could not found the encyclopedia where I read it from.

I actually found out this when I was a child and after knowing this I told myself- why change what has been given by god? Isn’t it a gift? You skin is a part of you so be comfortable in skin.

What do you think getting a fair skin will get you married? Get you a job? Get you money? Make you educated? All are fantasies created by ads. Those ads speak soo much without even mentioning about Melanin. They like fooling people and we like getting fooled. In reality it won’t change you from being dark skinned to light skinned.

I remember I had a friend, who when she was in class 1 used to use fairness cream. I don’t think her complexion became white even for a bit. I would like to end this post by a quote from Sophie Loren-

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.