In the past one month I have heard many songs I got the idea about turning my blog into a blog full of songs to listen for the types… I am never turning my blog into a Blog that will only have one or two types of posts because well you see I am the most diverse blogger you can ever find or let’s say I have a personality which can’t stay on one thing for long.

This morning I woke up thinking about this post instead of worrying about my Science exam which I have tomorrow. So I am going to take it as some clue given by my subconscious mind and go ahead with this. All of the songs which I am going to mention are going to be those which appeared on my YouTube feed so YouTube has a big hand behind this post.  Not to mention about Nightcore if you want to find more of these songs. I searched nightcore on YouTube and saw some songs named Lonely, Depressed…

If you ever have any problem then just let this music do the talking. Let’s start the list –

1.Scars to your beautiful  by Alessia Cara– I had stumbled upon this song about 2 months back. I till now I have listened to it hundreds of times. This song tells us the story about the girls who think that they aren’t beautiful because they are not able to meet a particular beauty standard.  It’s a song based on body positivity theme.

Actually some time back when I was listening to “Do you wanna build a Snowman” Disney version I realized that each girl in this world is her own version of Barbie. You don’t need to look like one because you already are one. To all the girls who think they are not beautiful; let me tell you that, there is not particular definition of beauty so no one has the right to tell you that you are not beautiful.  For the rest of the information about the song, just check it out dude.

2. Sit still, look pretty by Daya – I heard this song today only so I won’t be writing much about this.  The lyrics itself says a lot about this song.  This song says what I have always had in my mind“THIS QUEEN DON’T NEED A KING”. Exactly a girl doesn’t needs a husband or a boyfriend to live in this world. Some people believe that a girl’s job is to sit still, look pretty. You know what I will shoot this song on those people.

3. Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindenmann– This song is like pride for us girls. What I love about this list is that all these songs is that they say what is in our heart.  I heard this song a year ago my friend told me about this song. At that time after hearing this all I had in my mind was the swearing in this song. At that time I was not able to understand the meaning of this song. Even though today I think that swearing shouldn’t be in this song but actually without it the song wouldn’t make any sense.

4. Pretty’s On The Inside by Chloe Adams – This song has a special place in my heart. It gives the message that pretty’s on the inside in the best way. The child like voice in this cover makes this song extra special. I always hear this version instead of the original and I bet you will relate to me after you hear this.  

5. Not your Barbie Girl by Ava Max – Well this girl is amazing. It’s a perfect song to slap those boys who can think that girls cannot pay their own bills and make them look superior by paying the cheap bills. So guys, stop treating us like the song Barbie Girl. I would prefer humming this song then Barbie girl. You can’t touch us without our consent otherwise we will break a finger or two for you.

6. I’m not her by Clare Mae- If I ever find a guy who compares me others then I will send this song to him without any hesitation. SO it’s a perfect song to send to your ex or your current boyfriend if he keeps comparing you.  Let me tell you a perk of listening to this song, I have been reading peoples loves story for the past 15 minutes and I can’t stop because I love, love stories.

7. Solo by Jennie – Blackpink – Ok this is a Korean song with some English lyrics. But if you get time then listen to its english version though I keep listening to its Korean one. Trust me it’s amazing.

I am so tired of writing the descriptions. Let me get a good rest.

If you guys have any of your life experiences related to the song themes or anything then do share it in the comment section. I bet you can guess how I love listening to peoples stories and giving them advice. This will not only make you stronger but the readers too.